Dr. Ruth Wants To Move To Indiana.

So does Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and Dr. Bombay. Hulk Hogan is very high on the Hoosier state as is a very famous equine and his owner (Wilburrrrrrr). You see every day we get requests for information from very famous people who inquire about various homes available in Indiana. It's not that the noted sex therapist, TV host, MTV therapist, professional wrestler or 60's icon are actually thinking of moving here.They are simply regular people who use the identiy of a famous person as they request information about one of the more higher profile residences we routinely market. Some just want good old fashioned general home information without all the encumbrances that dealing with a broker can entail. In summary they want anonymity. For those who want a free ticket in to the former Hilbert Estate please don't email me this: "Oh I swear Greg, what are you thinking by not taking Robin and I through there? Maybe she wouldn't have left old Dr. Phil if you had...." Trust us....we've heard it all before. From professional female wrestlers with the WWE to various television personalities to dead animals from the '60's, Alex, we've heard stories you cannot imagine.
It's not that we're being unkind, mind you. There are numerous legal, time constraint, never ending tour guide issues that are associated with that property as well as Reggie Miller's Geist area home. There are simply not enough hours in a day, week, month or career to do that.
You may be one of those who actually wants the information on a home or piece of ground and you simply want to be anonymous. That we understand. If at the end of the day, that's what you wish to accomplish, just give us a blind email box and we'll get you exactly what you need, no questions asked. We will be happy to treat you with total respect and
confidentiality if you would please do the same on our end. While the tenor of this post is trite, the reality isn't. In this challenging market, there are THOUSANDS of scam artists or worse who are preying on people's fears and desperation who would do harm to us or one of our clients if we weren't vigilant. Regrettably I was witness to a situation where a seller actually took his own life out of that desperation this year because of the horrid, intentional behavior of a scam artist acting as a buyer. In the end please just shoot straight with us and we'll respond in kind. It will provide with a much more positive environment for all of us, including Oprah, whose IM I'm receiving right now.