Conversation Of
The Week:

Expired Listing Seller: "I'd like to speak with you about listing my home"

Me: "Certainly....tell me about your property's history"

ELS: "Well it's been for sale for a year with no showings and no price adjustments."

Me: "Are you aware of the available inventory, how many homes have sold in your price point and location?"

ELS: "No....but I built homes for several decades and I know what this property's worth."

Me: "Have you had an appraisal?"

ELS: "No....by the way you're not going to be one of those agents that keeps telling me to lower my price, are you?"

Me: "Why would I actually want to waste your time with nonsense about supply and demand, inventory absorption and silly little things like how buyers actually feel about your property?"

ELS: "Good....I think we're going to get along just fine...when can you come out?"

Me: "I can be there just after nine on Monday, July 21st, 2011...about the time the market actually recognizes your price. Looking forward to seeing you. One more question Mister ELS....are you aware that we're in the most challenging real estate market since the '70's?"

ELS: "No but I've got the entire Pable Cruise collection on vinyl. I loved the '70's!"

To think some people believe we Realtors are overpaid.

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