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This Too, MUST Pass...

The dust has barely settled on the 2008 election cycle and already law makers are heading towards a significant discussion over the fate of Indiana's property taxes. Governor Mitch Daniels won reelection in part on the promise that he would see through a constitutional change that would cap Indiana's taxes at 1% (for residential) and proportional amounts for investment and business properties. Speaker of the House Pat Bauer has stated (paraphrasing) that he would rather wait until he has time to further evaluate the current system, perhaps readdressing the caps issue in 2010.

To that I would offer this gracious epithet:

@#%& NO!

Here's why:

1) Indiana's housing market has been battered to a higher degree than the national norm in the last 2 years with the utter nonsense that our property tax system has become. ANY additional delay in passing this constitutional cap will cause further damage to the value of real estate in Indiana.

2) Indiana's citizenry deserves the tax relief and consistency that a cap would create and sustain. How about we let Hoosiers know their taxes are going to be reasonable and stable in the near term?

3) Indiana's local municipalities must also have financial consistency in order to plan for schools, public services and the like. Capping property taxes will go a long way to create that stability.

Speaker Bauer, in addressing the issue of the lease of the Indiana Toll road several years ago, I sat listening on my computer as you actually stated a concern you had over such a lease by wondering out loud in the house chamber 'what would happen if we ever went to war with Australia?' That lease put millions of dollars in Indiana's coffers and will end up putting people to work in our state for the better part of a decade. Mr. Speaker, stop jockeying for your personal power and whatever else by doing what is best for the citizens of Indiana. Cap the tax NOW or I as an average citizen may have to take strong punitive action like denying my wife unlimited shopping in your 6th district. Trust me...no one wants their constituents to suffer like that.

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