The Big Picture....with a disclaimer. In referencing Lani @ Agent Genius I'm offering my interpretation of her post. We all see things differently and if you know me....you know HOW differently I can interpret things! FYI....here's the link to her post.

For clarification....we ALL want things to be better but it is our job and our responsibility to tell it the way it is. If we want to be credible with consumers we can't always be sunshine and roses. Within every downturn there are incredible opps....along with huge risks. As I've said 1000 times things are less bad...and that's good. Pundits...stop being so gullable, McFly. In no way are we 'back to the future'.

Now....on to The Local Slice of the real estate market. Think the simple issues of supply and demand are what to watch over the next 24 months? Not. There's another pink elephant in the room and it could have an enormous affect on Today's New World Of Real Estate for many in central Indiana.