If you are a home buyer or seller, be aware the government is out to make your life better..... (NOT)! What they are doing with the HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct) is making virtually every real estate transaction harder and slowing down the housing recovery. Here's how:

Meanwhile, I am absolutely astounded that the media keeps pumping us full of 'recession is over' good news. When your unemployment goes from 450K per month of jobs lost to 275K of jobs lost, we generally don't think of it as a recovery. What DOES happen with those stats is that people keep losing their houses.

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I have said it 1000 times and I'll keep saying it. Real estate and home ownership are still a great investment.....but not in 2 years. Take the long term view and not only will you have a wonderful place for you and your family to be but a significant investment as well. The days of 'flip this house' are over. Our mindset of home ownership is being forcibly changed and those of us who heed that change will benefit. Those who don't.....well just remember the parable about those who ignore history.....and how they WILL be destined to repeat it.