Don't Fear The Fiscal Cliff....Yet

I don't want to hear one more talking head, see one more head line or by some quirk of chance have it seep out of my XM radio. Attention all media and politicians. Just shut up about the fiscal cliff until you've got this fixed. Why? Because it's not going to matter in the short term (30-45 days) and you guys will have all panicked enough by then to get this behind us. So as consumers should YOU be worried?  Not yet. Even if we do go past 1/1 as it appears we will, it would take some measure of time before we see a real difference in our local housing market. It doesn't appear that it will affect mortgage rates and that and jobs are the two biggest drivers of the housing industry. Bar either of those changing immediately, don't worry, be happy. You could even whistle a little tune. The POLS will get it solved and whatever the answer is will not change any of our lives in the next six months or longer. So RELAX and enjoy your holiday. Savor a moment of serenity if you can before we get back into the rat race in January. Most importantly don't hesitate to use the mute button on your flat screens when one of the talking heads or political leaders come on to spin because you know what? After what we've been through since Friday 12/14, the rest of this talk is just white noise that will get fixed in the new year.
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