Think All Marketing Is The Same? Think Again....

We've all read them. Hideous ads for homes that are written right from the book of Realtor cliches. "Three bedroom fixer upper...much more than a drive by...", etc. etc. Pick up a homes magazine (if you can find one) or go read the ads for the Sunday real estate pull out (if it still exists in your town). Those things may be the most unimaginative collections of crap you can buy next to the paperbacks on the end cap at the super market. 

Yet there are people out there, master marketers, that understand and are relying on their abilities as  master story tellers to make their way to unbelievable success. In the process their clients and customers are the unsuspecting (in most cases) beneficiaries of a lost art that is the difference today between a select few marketing artists and the rest of the herd. For those people who are selling their homes and reading this....have you actually gone online and looked at what's being said about your home? I'm talking about the message. What does your message say and does it in any way stand out to the degree when someone reads it they HAVE to see your home? We've all heard the line 'whoever has the best toys, wins.'  In marketing, 'whoever tells the best story wins.'  Take a look at this ad and tell me you're not intrigued. 

"Come give this mule a kick & see if you can make it move! Avondale/Logan Square home that's been neglected beyond words needs someone willing to fix it up or tear it down and start all over again. If you act fast I'll even throw in the fire bombed pick up truck in the back yard. .. Now that's a deal! On the upside the seller is motivated, 37.5' wide lot, huge profit potential, private owner, close fast."  

Oh...and the broker's name is Michael Kevorkian.  Now most of us don't want our home marketed in quite that vein but think about the affect on someone reading it. They going to be curious. They're going to take 15 seconds to find out more even if they have no interest. Words still have power. Content is (ugghhh the cliche) still KING. If you're going to put your home up for sale in 2013 make sure you find a storyteller. Make sure you find a MASTER storyteller because in this era the consumer's BS radar is flying so high you'll only get one chance to get their attention. Make that opportunity work for you.
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