Dear Real Estate Professionals AND Homeowners: STOP TAKING YOUR OWN PICTURES!

It's hard to believe that with hundreds of thousands of dollars of an investment at stake that homeowners still tolerate photos of their homes that look like this. Garage half cut off, wrong sun position, spectacular wrap around porch nearly ignored... and on and on. The question is why?  Actually that's a simple answer. There are too many consumers who don't understand or appreciate that all marketing is NOT created equal. Would you hire an attorney to represent you on a legal matter worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars who did that on the cheap? Never. With the online impact of photos having anything less than the preeminent photographer in your area taking the pictures of your home and then using them correctly is outright foolish.  Your agent taking the pictures to represent your home is ALSO foolish.  They are not ever going to be as strong as the top photographer in your area. EVER. So quit using someone on the cheap! The quantity also matters. Do you realize that having less than the maximum number of pics also hurts your SEO?  It also hurts you in places like REALTOR.com's search results for your area as well. How many is the right number?  If you hire the right person to represent you they'll know. Let me offer a hint. It's not six crummy exterior photos with snow in them that your agent leaves there until June. Which platforms do you need to have what quantity of photos on?  When do you change the pictures and what rooms are most important? Is it important to have EVERY area of the home represented? 

The answers to these questions are why some homeowners reap thousands more from their properties than others who don't have it right.  The answers are not that hard but they do come from years of experience and trial and error....and someone who understands just how important listing photographs actually are. If you're selling and don't have that it's costing you money every day your home is out there. 
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