The Simple Realities Of Today's Market

It's a confusing time in the housing industry. Homes are selling quickly which could easily be quantified as a 'good problem.' Interest rates are fantastic, in our market the season is good, decisions are coming quickly and all on the surface is well but don't kid yourself. It's still challenging. With speed comes pressure. Pressure for sellers, buyers, inspectors, appraisers and yes people like yours truly, the real estate broker. While most wouldn't include the last three of those in the sequence the truth is if they aren't functioning well it can be trouble for buyers and sellers. As a consumer, you want to work with a professional who's busy. If they aren't busy in this market, somethings wrong.

Decisions have changed for consumers over the last 90 days. Because of the speed of the market, those decisions are going to be more crucial and they'll have to be made more quickly.  I don't necessarily like it this fast for you, the home selling and buying public. I worry that decisions made this quickly are going to come with regrets down the road and yet right now, if you're going to play, you're going to have to play hard. So the simple, overriding question is how do you best prepare?  By doing all of the homework you can and having good, no GREAT representation. You need to have a LOT of trust in those who are your advocates in this market. I'm not talking yes people, ANYTHING but yes people and there are plenty of them.  You don't need a cheerleader. You need a hard core realist. There's no time to beat around the bush with platitudes. Yes or no. Up or down. Make the decision and move on. If you've got somebody telling you what you want to hear it will absolutely cost your money at some point either now or down the road.  Frankly as I've said before I've lost clients over this. One spouse likes a home and I offer the tactful but honest truth about  resale potential and the next thing you know I'm not getting called back. That's fine. When the consequences of that decision become clear, I won't be shouldering the blame. My rep is worth more than that.

This post has been a bit stark in it's nature and it was meant to be. I want the best for people, whether that's through me or another in my profession.  The world has changed since our crash in 2008.  Decisions need to be made differently with that change. Too many consumers are just  throwing money at things without good reasons to make those decisions and if we have another bubble burst, they'll pay. Get good help. Be informed. Listen to your advocates. Hold on tight. It's a quick trip down the hill in Today's New World Of Real Estate and I want to arrive at your destination in one piece.
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