Over Before It Starts....

I, of broken record voice have shouted about this for way too many years. The pictures of your home online are EVERYTHING. There's more and more concrete data to support that despite how many of my fellow agents keep taking utterly horrifying pictures of their listings. A large study done at Old Dominion University has concluded that if the front elevation photo of a home isn't eye catching, viewers never went on to ANY additional information about the home. No secondary or tertiary photos and certainly no comments or descriptions were viewed if photo #1 stunk. In fact only about 40% of lookers got past the first image of a home. Some of that is about personal taste and some is about awful photography. Look at this picture above. Who knows what this home looks like but you can bet the analytics would indicate that almost no one but the current owners are looking past this image.  Home sellers....I'm begging you....get a PROFESSIONAL photog to take your pictures. Your agent is NOT a professional photographer. You are NOT a professional photographer. Don't think it matters?  That's fine....just keep slapping up crap like this and the seller's homes that I have the privilege of being involved with will look all the better. After all....it's just about money. 
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