NOW Is The Time.....

As the calendar has hit mid November it's time for me to give the speech. 'The speech' is simply about 2014. Most people don't think this way but if you're going to be a housing market participant in the new year....ANYTIME in the new year you need to be prepping now. Not in five months, now. Sellers need to have an unbiased walk through of their home by somebody who knows what home buyers are looking for. Make the list of things you need to change and start working on them. They don't all have to be done immediately but get started so that either in dollars or time commitment you don't get overwhelmed. Buyers need to have their financial house in order as well. Make a mortgage application or at least talk to a TRUSTED mortgage representative and know where you stand. 2014 is going to mirror somewhat 2013 in that homes will be in short supply and you as a buyer must be ready to act. Having your financing ready is step 1.  Sellers....here's all you need to know about being ready to sell. Over the past 5 years I've kept track of the sellers who began prepping in late Fall or at the latest on 1/1 to sell later in the coming year. I've also kept track of those who waited until 4/1 or later of that year. Early preppers (23 in total) sold their homes for an average of 99.1% of list price in 17 days. Late preppers (19 in the sample) eventually got an average of 94.6% of their list price in 39 days. More time and less money would not be an option I'd suggest. Get ready now. It's going to be all about the benjamins in 2014. 
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