Thanks Where Thanks Is Due....

Sometimes things happen that nobody expects. What happens then is what determines the character or brand of a company. In the past month I had an experience with a local heating and air conditioning company that exemplified their commitment to their customers. They had performed an inspection at a home of my client and serviced the HVAC unit.  After the fact it came to light that there was another undetected issue that was beyond anyone's understanding. The fact that it surfaced after my client had bought and moved in a home made it even more challenging.  Airtron did the right thing. They stepped up and on their dime made the circumstance right for my client. They no doubt earned my home buyer's respect and they earned mine. For those of you who know me, you're aware that if things go wrong, somebody will hear from me. It's only appropriate that when things are made right, the credit needs to be shared as well. Airton of Indy and Mike Hoagland, thank you.  
Greg Cooper, top selling indiana realtor listing agent real estate agent