The Hardest Part Of Today's Home Sale....

This post is not sexy but if you're selling your home it may be the most important issue you will deal with leading up to your closing. There are about five bullet point headlines to a successful home sale. The home inspection has become one  of those key points. I know...I know....CRICKETS for many of you. Contemplating how you handle your home inspection is about as flashy as picking out ceiling tiles. It's hard. It's not fun. Yet with increasing regulation and consumer awareness navigating the inspection has become a secondary negotiation in EVERY sale. Mold, termites, bad composite siding, hail damaged roofs, questionable home inspectors and uninformed agents (did I just say that?) ALL make this process harder. There's a reasonable path to follow as you sell your property. Get an advocate, either a Broker or legal mind who is experienced and skilled at dealing with home inspections or you are completely at risk in the course of your sale. Not only does someone need to have knowledge at dealing with certain problems they also need to have resources to handle them. So you've got a little mold. That 'little' problem could be a $960 problem or a $3800 problem depending upon who you use to resolve it. Same for a hundred other issues that can come up with even the CLEANEST of homes. There are times in a real estate transaction having experience on your side is everything. The home inspection is one of those times. 
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