Fall Open Houses....Yay or Nay?

The debate always rages.....to hold your home open or not once the calendar slides past Labor Day. The formula is certainly a different one. People are busier. School's back in session and with that come a thousand other responsibilities. There are a bevy of festivals that happen at this time of year and dragging a casual house hunter away from that pumpkin patch or winery can be challenging (not that I would have any idea on the winery). If you choose to hold your property open as the weather cools keep some perspective. The traffic will be down but the quality of the traffic will be better and the same can be said for showings. Always remember you're not looking for a flood of buyers you just want the RIGHT buyer. While it's difficult to battle the Fall distractions to get them to come see you, for those that do you can count on a higher level of attention. They're not marching through homes on an October or late September afternoon if they aren't serious. There are just too many reasons to be someplace else. 
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