Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Comes To Indiana

On Tuesday 10.7 Prudential Indiana Real Estate became Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Indiana.  I am more than a little excited to put my name on the company shingle along with that of Warren Buffet's. Why?  Because now my clients will have the choice of doing business with a nice Indiana company or one that epitomizes financial excellence across the world. The resources. The reach. The network. The results. No one can match them. It's Disney. It's Apple. It's Berkshire Hathaway. Say that name most anyplace in America and you have an immediate impression. It's a name that people trust. It's a name known world wide for innovation and success. It's a name that I'm happy to associate with.

The Backstory

One year ago Berkshire Hathaway bought the Prudential Real Estate brand from a holding company associated with Prudential Financial. Candidly the real estate brand had languished. Little recent support had gone into the brand. It was my feeling (just a hunch) that one reason Prudential was even in real estate was to put up thousands of yard signs across America to support it's other financial services divisions. That now has changed. In less than one year Berkshire Hathaway, who had zero real estate brokers on 10/1/2013 now has over 35000 agents worldwide. They have spent millions to upgrade the marketing and exposure for the people we will represent. The technology is second to none. It's the real deal now. If you're not familiar, Berkshire doesn't do many things poorly. From Dairy Queen to Geico to Heinz Ketchup and The Pampered Chef. Their holdings are unquestionably successful and enormously diverse which is what Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Real Estate is becoming across the world and now Indiana. Welcome to the new age....I'm proud to be a part of it. Now that the champagne has been drank....it's time to get back to work. 
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