The Spin Is In

There's a reason my business gets a bad rep. it's because we earn it. Recently a competing company released sales data that was as it always is from them: overwhelmingly positive. Now my area has fared pretty well compared to the rest of the nation so far in 2015 which is to say we're slightly up. That's not exactly a shock given that the winter of 2014 was brutal and essentially killed home sales. The problem I have with company T's 'media release' was that they pointed to areas with 6 home sales touting how 'sales had tripled in county B.' Hardly a stunning upturn to go from 2 sales to 6. That's not exactly an example that's going to endear you to consumers who are in need of a trusted adviser. Look, I'm all for positive news but let's tell the whole truth please. Not doing that will continue to cost us credibility and in the end, money. As a consumer it should also alert you to ask plenty of questions about a company that spins the market data to that end.
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