Welcome To The Future Of Real Estate....

Let me pose a question. Who makes most of the decisions about home purchases today?  Better yet...let me ask it this way. When's the last time that you would think a home purchase was made by a husband and wife when the wife didn't like the home? Almost never. That's no singular example. I could also share that the majority of my single male home buyers will often bring along a female colleague when trying to decide on buying a home. If the colleague doesn't like it...it's not happening. 

That's right....home buying is now a female driven decision. Women have the power men and if you disagree you're just on the wrong side of current history. By the National Purchasing Association's count women now influence over 91% (NINETY ONE PERCENT!!) of all home purchases. Staggering but utterly believable by those of us on the front line.

I'll take this one step further. Who's best equipped to serve those females making the buying decisions in our housing market?  Female brokers, that's who. It's not a stretch to think women can best understand and serve other women. So why is it that real estate still feels in some circles like an old boys club?  Because some of us haven't gotten the word yet.  

I saw a full page ad for a GREAT local real estate company (the biggest local company we have here) that was a full page on the back of the business journal last winter. The ad was a full page ad with a 'prototype' broker standing along some data that talked about how great they were, blah blah blah. The example of the broker they used was a fifty something year old MALE broker. The people who run that company couldn't be more clueless about who the market is and who best serves the market. That's because the company is run by older MEN.  Here's all I'm saying. The real estate brokerage of the future will be driven by those who understand who makes the buying decisions and who those willing to serve those buying decisions. Am I toast because I have the wrong chromosome?  Not a chance....because I (to a degree) get it. I'm not fighting it. I'm looking to serve it. The question for you as a consumer or as a female Broker is....am I doing business with a company and an individual who understands who's calling the shots and are they willing to honor that decision process?  As a managing broker for my company (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services), I will be catering my office to the market of today...and to the market of the next decade in real estate.  
Greg Cooper, top selling Indiana realtor agent broker manager berkshire hathaway home services indiana