There's a reason it's so hard to buy an affordable home. There aren't  that many of them for sale. In fact nationally in the last year there are over 112,000 fewer homes for sale than there were a year ago according to Zillow. That's worse than the local averages as the state of Indiana is down just several percentage points from one year ago in terms of new listings but STILL we're down over 40% in available homes from just a few short years ago. That basically means 100 people are trying to buy about 60 available homes. No wonder you're frustrated. So how do you win?  Shortly I'll tell you EXACTLY how YOU can be the winning bid on the most desirable homes for sale which is why my team has been successful on over 20 of the last 2 dozen bids. Hint...it's all about the contract and how you an leverage it when most others aren't.