This is the front view of REGGIE MILLER's Indiana home in the Geist area that is now for sale. Reggie has been a part of our community for over two decades and will remain so in the future. He'll be downsizing to something in our area with more practical space for his needs which ensures you'll still see him at local high school basketball games and around town. We've heard he's even been seen at the local market and been gracious enough to sign an autograph or two for kids who've approached him. Reggie has given much back to our community far beyond the basketball court. It's a privilege to represent him in this transition and have him living in Indiana in the future. In addition to the former Hilbert Mansion, this is clearly one of Indiana and the Midwest's premier estates.

Please see the link to the left for addional photos of the residence.

If you have any questions about this home or the facts surrounding it's sale, please call Dick Richwine or myself at 317.848.GREG (4734).

Here's a video link for Dick Richwine talking about Reggie's home in Indiana:

We'd like to thank Tom Britt and all of the team from www.AtGeist.com for posting this on their site. They are a great resource for all kinds of information in the Geist area!.