It's not brain surgery.....well ok, maybe it is.
Pricing a home to get to the closing table in this market is no easy task. It requires putting your emotion aside and simply analyzing the market if you want to sell a home in the Indianapolis area. Here are a few blunt thoughts on how to approach and survive the process....

This week for no extra charge, I've offered a couple of points on staging your home as you prepare to put it on the market. Believe it or not, buyers actually frown on homes that have the life size snow globe still out front in February.

Interest rates have been down, up and then down again over the past couple of weeks. Inflation fears sparked the upward trend while the pressure of the reduction of the prime rate by the Federal reserve has worked to hold rates in check. Current 30 year fixed rates sit at 5.74% for a 30 year loan. Please contact your lending institution for rates based on the program that is appropriate for you.

On Monday, February 11th we'll take an in depth look at the sales numbers for the first month of 2008 and see where we're headed as we begin the new year. It's getting better, right? It has to be getting better.....I'm sure it's getting better....no doubt the numbers have risen and we are starting to see an up turn in the market! Right. We'll see on Monday.

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