Creating Legacies.....The Village of Byron

There are those rare opportunities in my business of real estate where I get to be a part of something truly special. The Village of Byron is one of those unique opportunities in my daily work that digresses from the normal challenges of excessive oversupply, sub prime mortgage messes, diminishing equity and the constant drip of bad news about housing from the national media.

Byron is a concept that is long overdue. It's a concept that combines incredibly affordable investment, quality family time to rejunivate relationships and the chance to be a part of a true legacy. In the early days of lakes Wawasee, Sweetwater and others in Indiana, few realized what they would become today. An enjoyable place to spend weekend time with those closest to us yet still not quite a complete concept in their own right. What thoughtful people are looking for today is a place for people to invest in their families, themselves and the future value of a concept that would yield incalcuable memories and long term benefits. The Village of Byron is becoming that type of location.
Byron is located about an hour west of Indianapolis on Lake Waveland in very close proximity to Turkey Run State Park. It's nestled on a beautiful stretch of rolling hills along a pristine waterfront. Byron's setting provides picturesque views that would no doubt have inspired James Whitcomb Riley's awe at the beauty of his home state.

When the likes of Wawasee and Sweetwater were created, there was little thought given to how the community would develop around them, how certain homes and lifestyles would blend with others and how each of these would affect the overall quality of life and value of property there. The Village of Byron successfully combines all of these elements into what will no doubt become a landmark Indiana community. Byron not only has the forethought of design to allow family and friends to interact and enjoy each other along and on the water, but also to create a community rich in design and quality craftsmanship.

From the soaring ceilings and abundant sunlight that streams in through the Sycamores to the quiet quality of construction that's found in every room, few other locations in the country let alone our state are offering what's found here. In every residence you may see gleaming wide plank hardwood floors, slate, tile and granite as well as wood work reminding one of the days when master craftsmen treated new homes as their personal work of art.

Wide interior expanses for group gatherings, wrap around porches to enjoy sunsets on the water and bunk houses and lofts that will help the next generation to begin building their frienships for years to come are all here.

As the Spring and Summer prepare to descend on Indiana, it would be well worth your time to take a casual drive to a place where we all can find endless warm days and magnificent workmanship and design. The Midwest's next great waterfront community is coming to life in Indiana and it truly is The Village of Byron. A printable map will help you find your way or you can just call or email me for directions at the contact points below. Here's to a great summer on a great stretch of property that's literally in our own backyards.

Greg@GregCooper.com or by phone at 317.848.GREG (4734)