Thanks Shooter. See you in 3 1/2 years.

Dennis Hopper has once again endeared himself to the people of Indiana with a standing ovation performance as a part of Indy's Super Bowl presentation for the 2012 game. Hopper, referring to the giant inflatable mushroom like objects that will tower over the Indy streets during Super Bowl weekend 2012, said they 'looked like something he may have have eaten during his younger years.' Mr. Hopper was the perfect example of why people buy something. They like the salesman. No doubt Colt's owner Jim Irsay scored more than a few envy points by having Hopper lead the charge in selling Indy to the NFL for the cost of a couple of game tickets to the event, just 43 months away

Huge Benefit For The City.....
No matter whether you agree or not, image is everything. Having the most watched television event in the world in your back yard will certainly add major cred to Indianapolis' reputation around the world.

True, most companies don't make decisions about their geographic futures simply by a sporting event, but it certainly won't hurt to see our city basking in the international glow of the world's eye in early February of 2012. Weather issues? That whine will emulate only from certain media outlets who pride themselves on patronizing the 19th hole and certain special female guests during SB week. The reality is that with the plan that's laid out, downtown Indy will be a Super Festival with a Saturday night party that will be successful and unique. Consider this: What if by some quirk of fate, we get one of those occasional 45-50 degree and sunny February weekends? If that would happen, it would be an absolute outdoor grand slam. People here would act like they had just gone to Florida and probably would roam the festivities in sweat shirts and flushed cheeks from the fun they would inhale downtown. No matter, you don't plan an event like this by the weather and I'm betting the party and the long term benefits will both be great no matter what. That doesn't change the fact that I still would rather not see 4 degrees and snow that weekend.

Random thoughts actually related to the real estate business....
In one snapshot we can get a pretty good summary of the housing market. In April of 2007 versus April of 2008, the eleven county metro area was off by about 24% in units of real estate sold(that's April only, not YTD). Again real estate is a micro economic medium meaning individual price points and geographies within the metro can be very different. The short version is we're off significantly from April of 2007 which was off by about 18% from April of 2006. We're bouncing along the bottom now. Look for better times in 2009 but certainly not before the presidential elections later this year.

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