Misery Business.

There's no other way to describe how the way flooding has affected Indiana over the past five days. Nearly 11 inches of rain fell in a number of places from roughly 10 p.m. Friday night 6/6 to Noon on 6/7. We've had several additional inches since then which has only added to the pain residents south of Indianapolis have felt. This view from State Road 37 in Martinsville is one of many examples of the mess. As of this post the immense waters have rolled further south and affected addtional counties in southern Indiana.

Across Greenwood, Franklin, Columbus and numerous other communities the flood waters have raged and ruined countless homes, businesses and lives. You can see additional aerial photos of the damage across Indiana here. Readers of the Indianapolis Star have submited numerous photos that can also be viewed.

Now there are additional hazzards in the water, some man created and some natural but all are hindering clean up which will take months.
It seems a bit petty to be thinking about our real estate market at at time like this so for now, we would encourage you to support those in need by donating to the Indiana Red Cross.

Those affected are in our thoughts and prayers. We'll have a market update on less important matters in the next few days.