Apparently everyone is now unofficially eligible for applying for their 'fair share' of the bailout. Cities are doing it. Companies are doing it. Homeowners are doing it. So where's our share?

It's now obvious that any additional bailing out should be viewed and analyzed with the highest degree of skepticism. Not being able to see who's getting part of the initial $250T allotment is bad enough. Why would we trust these clowns in Congress when they have denied us total transparency on where the dollars are going. You can get the best information available at BailoutSleuth.com but don't think you're going to get the full story.

[EDIT: I am not an insensitive ass. There are people who genuinely need help in this world and as human beings we need to do what we can to help. What I'm NOT in favor are idiots who choose to be victims and exploit the system. Let them eat cake.]

Again...where's my personal bailout?

GM, Ford and Chrysler are an absolute joke asking for a bailout. First, they're paying their workers an average of $78 per hour in total costs and benefits adding over $2000 per car to the expense. Toyota pays only $36 per hour for the same product and is subsequently kicking our clueless American butts in the auto industry. Next, you have industry executives like the president of GM who made $15.1 million dollars last year sitting in front of Congress asking for a bailout. Absurd. This is the same guy who thinks the Cadillac Escalade is a mass appeal product getting about 11 miles per gallon. Give it up big 3. You're in way to deep to recover. You don't get it and it's too late to change. A financial reorganization is the only way for you to go. Get rid of the costs and start building cars that are financially competitive again. Yes I have empathy for the workers but they're toast anyway if there's not a complete reorganization of the auto industry. Stop asking for a bailout and do something about the mess YOU'VE created.

Meanwhile I'll ask the question again. Where's my personal bailout? Perhaps my national trade organization who keeps saying 'it will get better very soon" will get off their sunshine and butterfly back sides and get us Realtors a bailout.........NOT.

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