INDIANAPOLIS AREA HOLIDAY EVENTS are found here for those of you trying to decide how to close out 2009.

The End In Sight.
For many of us 2009 began with utter uncertainty and ended with several small rays of hope.  We're not out of the woods yet but 2010 will certainly start on a note of optimism.....and a note of caution when it comes to the effect of inventory and supply.  What will happen then? A memorable moment from the past 15 months and a prediction for the coming year....

Heloise I'm not but with the proliferation of granite surfaces in homes, I thought this video may be timely for the holidays. If you get stains on your granite (I'd never spill red wine, etc.) here's a pretty good first step in trying to clean them:

How to Clean a Granite Countertop -- powered by eHow.com

Finally, just for my friends who visit GregCooper.com regularly.....here are a few special holiday recipes from The Food Networks's Queen of Quisine, Paula Deen.  First it's a Christmas day treat sure to help you ignore the stress of the relatives because it puts all the focus on your arteries.

Finally one more....the perfect dessert for you to serve to start 2010.