The Theme For 2010 Is......

Pending home sales FALL in November....a recovery still with bumps.

It's still not all rosey.....construction spending plummets.

The single most unique home you've ever seen.  Would you live here?

Homesellers....know who buyers are before you get your property on the market!

What's the most important thing you can do to improve you home's saleability in 2010? Kitchens and baths, kitchens and baths, KITCHENS AND BATHS!

On that note, watch your purchase when buying new kitchen appliances!

Here's a delicious thought.  Search your own zip code to see your drinking water's quality. (thanks agentgenius.com)

Is a national MLS coming? Many people think that the National Association of Realtors has taken a step in that direction.

The Obama administration has fed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac another pile of our money late on Christmas Eve they can spend however they like.  So much for transparency.  

If you're thinking of dying, for your family's sake, you'd better do it in 2010.

First California and now Arizona....I'm thinking we are very fortunate to have Mitch Daniels as our CEO and Governor in Indiana.

Finally....good news for those in Central Indiana as Indianapolis is named the most affordable market in the country. (again)