The $6500 Home Buyer Credit Clarified.....

The Buzz

10 REASONS you should buy a home this year.  No, I didn't write it but it's spot on.  

OT but still entertaining.  PETA and KFC are fighting over ad placement in the city of Indianapolis. 

New jobless claims are up again....although the rate of job loss has slowed.  I'm sure not telling any of the well over 10% of Americans out of work things are getting better.

Mortagage appications are at their lowest since mid 2009.  A sign at the very least that the housing market is taking a breather.  No, it's not just seasonality. 

The Federal Reserve still has major concerns about housing as expressed in their 1/6 meeting.

Interest rates are poised for a jump.

Some people feel negative amortization loans can help reduce foreclosure and provide more relief to the housing market. My new friend Fred Glick from CNBC explains.

Meanwhile more and more home buyers are being drawn by the 15 year mortgage.

Pending home sales fall in November which is in part seasonal and part a reflection of a still challenged housing market.  Here's a great opinion piece on the value of the home buyer credit related to home resales.

Who are today's homebuyers?  A great read for sellers getting ready to put their homes on the market.

The Obama administration committed a hideous violation of trust on Christmas eve by writing another blank check to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  What happened to transparency? (idiots)

Ever been through the joy of dealing with a Homeowner's Association?  Here's a few thoughts on how to navigate that process in the future.

Indianapolis remains the most affordable home market in the country.

Indiana is working to make 1% property tax caps permanent.