Is It Still A Buyer's Market?

          Carmel Indiana Housing Facts through 3/20/2010
       Fishers Indiana Housing Facts through 3/20/2010
     Zionsville Indiana Housing Facts through 3/20/2010    

Marion County, Washington Twp. Housing Facts (3/20/2010)

Marion County, Lawrence Twp. Housing Facts (3/20/2010)

More help on the way from the Fed on modifying mortgage problems...but will it work?

Existing home sales top expectations...but are they actually up?

The jobs problem continues to drive foreclosures here and across the country.

My friend Fred Glick of CNBC thinks he can rescue the economy.  Agree or disagree?

Indianapolis is rated the most affordable and in the top 10 of ALL housing markets in the U.S. by Forbes.

Foreclosure numbers are on the rise again.....see why the numbers are climbing.

It could be worse....your home's value.....and here's where it is worse!

Property tax revolts are growing the U.S. but not in Indiana where taxes are capped at 1% of assessed value.

Time is running out to get the $6500 home buyer's credit....but you had better hurry!

Got a second mortgage?  Modification help may be on the way.