The most important issue of this Summer's housing market will be........

From the 7/14 Wall Street Journal....the former Hilbert Mansion on the block!

Get post home buyer tax credit sales information at THE STAT HOUSE.

Enjoy Indy area festivals all summer long!  Here's the schedule.

As a state, Indiana has created more jobs than any other in the nation.

On the subject of jobs, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels believes the Hoosier state can be the electric car production capital of America.

INDIANAPOLIS is again the most affordable housing market in America!

Foreclosures, Mortgage delinquencies are still rising.  Meanwhile one in ten homes with a mortgage will be lost to foreclosure in the coming years.

Here's a growing trend:  Walking Away and letting go.

The post tax credit housing market isn't schizophrenic, it's just bipolar.

[OPINION]  The housing 'recovery' is just another government subsidy.

Is the Obama administration laying the ground work to end the mortgage interest deduction?

FHA commissioner calls housing market potential 'incredible.'  Say what?  

Hooray for Greece!  Their mess will help our mortgage rates!

Desperately seeking foreclosures?  You're not alone.

Home construction up.....building permits down. What's it mean?

What the new lead based paint laws mean for homeowners.

New home construction surges 41%.