What Will The Winds Of Change Blow In Before 2011?

Indiana metro housing numbers remain somewhat volatile which means we haven't seen a true direction to the market yet following the home buyer credits.

Statewide housing numbers are also mixed but not catestrophic as in the Fall of '08 and '09.

A national overview of the housing market....

Foreclosures took a breather, short sales get more challenging amidst the foreclosure moratorium.

Do you have to REPAY your homebuyer credit?

NEW home sales up slightly from August....but not from September of 2009.

Existing home sales are similar....up from August '10 but down year to year with September '09.

National home prices weaken in September.

INDIANAPOLIS remains one of the most affordable housing markets in America.

An intriguing look at the future of the housing market.

Is the key to a housing market recovery more subprime loans?