Selling During Fall Holidays?

This year, more than any in the past five years, more people will be buying and selling real estate during the coming weeks and months.  Given the impact of an active market I thought I'd share some thoughts on the whys and hows of selling in October.  A couple of years ago I had clients selling in October. They thought that potential buyers would think it cute if they (the sellers) played UP the Halloween theme.  When the sellers left the home one evening for a showing, in addition to their usual Halloween decor, they had a fake severed arm in the middle of the main entry of the home on the ground. For an added touch of realism they poured steak sauce near the area where the cut would have occurred. They prospective buyers walked in to a dark foyer and in the shadow sees what a appeared to be a juicy, severed limb.  Oh that would be a big fat #fail.  A screaming five year old made that totally clear.  Here's the lesson:  if you enjoy fall/Halloween decor and your'e selling, BE subtle!  No severed limbs or ANY reference to horror no matter how much you like it.  In fact I'd steer away from the Halloween aspect and perhaps live with a few pumpkins and corn stalks.....and maybe you'll just secure a happy, calm buyer in the process! greg cooper, east carmel indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033, top selling carmel indiana real estate broker, realtor, agent