Selling The Mansion #3: Why Would We?

If you've just joined this series, it's a group of posts about our day to day stories in selling the estate at 1143 W. 116th in Carmel which was built and created by the Hilberts and sold by Conseco/CNO.  The original post can be found HERE that is the preamble to this series.

SO MANY people said to us when we embarked on this, 'why would you do this? That place isn't going to sell' or we heard 'it's just a big mansion built by a millionaire being fought over for sake of some company's greed.'  None of that really mattered to us and frankly it wasn't entirely true in the big picture.  We knew the path through the sale to the other side would be a long and difficult one and everyone wanted to know why we would go there. The obvious answer to why would we was the little matter of a $600,000 paycheck if the property sold for $20 million (it didn't...nowhere close) but it was more than that.  Commissions like that aren't even real in Indiana and we couldn't have begun to get our brains around that much money for one sale.  There's a reason they aren't filming 'Million Dollar Listing' in Indiana. There simply aren't enough of those sales to take up one episode. That much money would have been nice but it truly wasn't the driving factor.  In the end it was simply about my partner's and my competitive nature.  That home was the biggest, highest profile property that was ever going to sell in our state. It was our Super Bowl and we wanted that listing.

Let me try and draw a parallel here.  For a plumber or electrician, having the chance to be involved in helping build Lucas Oil Stadium as an example would have been a great job on one the biggest structures in our state.  For an attorney being able to work on this particular legal disagreement was a huge feather. For us it would mean that a lot of very demanding people would have recognized us as being the best of the best (or at least one of the best) in our field.  It was an opportunity that would define our careers.

To be clear that home is in obvious terms, an aberration.  It was going to end up being a boutique sale, a one of a kind and it was not ever going to be the type of home anyone sells everyday. That may have been the biggest downfall for us...having people think that's all we do.  This year I've sold homes from $60,000 (thanks Big Mike) to over $1,000,000 and EVERYTHING in between.  This was even way beyond that scope.

When we had the chance to interview to be the listing agents we never even blinked.  Of course we would interview.  Little did we know the demands of our time, our increased stress levels, the well over $100,000 in marketing costs spent would only be the beginning of the journey.  So much of the rest of it bordered on insanity.  That 'journey' began with the interview.  Ever seen the apprentice?  That's nothing compared to the little chat we had to have with 'Mr. Big' to secure this opportunity.  Mr. Big was going to become our boss for the next several years and he was no pushover.  That story is coming next in episode #4: The Interview.  top selling carmel indiana brokers agents realtors, east carmel indiana homes for sale, greg cooper