Tax Time - And Time To Protect Yourself

Tax bills are coming due again in early November and it's also an important time to check to see if your exemptions are in place.  Yes, I know, crickets. Here's why it matters. Many counties are requiring you to reaffirm whether you actually live in a residence this year due to so much fraud. It's absolutely essential for you to take five minutes and check on this. Marion County residents can use this as an assistant and if you're outside Marion county please just google your county Assessor office and check your status. If by chance you fall off of the exemption list it could cost you a LOT of money in 2012 and then it would take a full year to correct. You have until 12/31 to make sure your records are correct.  greg cooper, east carmel indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033, top selling carmel indiana realtor agent broker, sold homes in east carmel indiana   Sgtonewick, Waterstone Carmel