Selling The Mansion #5: First Impressions

Our first trip to see  1143 West 116th Street in person was on a hot June day in 2005. Ryan Leitch our outstanding attorney contact from Riley, Bennett and Egloff was our tour guide as we made our way through the property for the first time. Good thing, too. We may have not ever found our way out. Good thing is was a Saturday as going through that property was no one hour drive by. At it's first list price it would have been the largest, most expensive home in the state. It was going to be up to us to make that happen. For those of you who want to get some background, the beginning of the story is linked here.

At 24,000 square feet plus the main residence was daunting enough. I recall the second time we were there I lost rooms. Literally there were rooms I couldn't find after being there before.  There were 50 foot long closets, a pool in the Master Suite, secret doors to other rooms, staircases spiraling up inside of a touret to a hidden play areas for kids, cooking kitchens, prep kitchens and on and on.  I had always been told that the main residence was tacky by others who had been there. That never crossed my mind. I remember thinking that everything there was so exquisitely built that if it ever burned down no one would ever rebuild with the level of opulence that was put in the first time. The stunning solid oak doors, the Sistine Chapel-ish ceilings, the Italian marble floors. You simply couldn't find this combination anywhere else in our state from top to bottom. There were five buildings in all. A main residence, pool house, catering building, guest house and what was called the Sports Barn. It was no barn. It was 13,000 square feet of nothing like I had ever seen before.  It had an exact replica of Indiana University's Assembly Hall basketball floor, incredible rec areas with a huge bar, bedrooms overlooking the floor, pro style lockers complete with 8 foot high shower heads and a racquet ball court.  My partner, Dick Richwine, was and is an avid Purdue fan. I'd swear his knees buckled the first time he walked across the middle of that I.U. court. The Sports Barn was and remains my favorite part of that estate. It would come to support a Massive Decorator Show home event, a Make A Wish function led by a number of Indianapolis Colts and countless meaningful moments that included former NBA player and coach Isiah Thomas marching to the center court upon his first visit and singing the I.U. fight song A Capella start to finish.

This was going to be a dizzying task.  It would take several more visits to really wrap our arms around this place. The considerations were large. Our local MLS wouldn't begin to allow us to enter all of the rooms let alone begin to describe them all. At the start that seemed like a big deal. In reality it was an ant on a elephant. This place and all that it was represented so much more than bricks and mortar.  It was about a legal battle. It was an iconic image of the struggle between a former CEO and his company. It was to some the image of companies who without reorganization would have never survived the downturn in our economy during the time it was on the market.  Most of the time we felt like people who had a hold of a rope that was attached to a wild horse on the run. You held on but you were never in control.  You just hoped that you could wear it out and maybe survive.  We knew that at the end but had no idea at the beginning. It's good that we didn't. If that had been the case, our part of the story would have ended right here. As it was we were preparing to show it to potential buyers. One of the first to call was an aberration in her own right.  She was a professional wrestler.  Our encounter with her and other stories as the showings began, coming next in Selling The Mansion #6:  The WWE Considers Carmel.  greg cooper, east carmel indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033, top selling carmel indiana realtor agent broker, sold homes in east carmel indiana   Sgtonewick, Waterstone Carmel