Selling The Mansion #8: Was It Oprah?

In the early Fall of 2005 in our effort to sell Indiana's highest profile property, we had a group of people come down from Chicago under the banner of being representatives for a media entity.  I've seen a limited number of Oprah episodes but the You Tube highlights where staff were sometimes on air had at least two people who looked remarkably like two in that group.  Keep in mind this was in 2005 and Oprah was still on network television. On that crisp Fall day there were 9 people in total, seven women and two men and as culturally diverse as they get. We spent over 3 and a half hours that day and the questions virtually all revolved around a usage that would see A) frequent helicopter traffic: B) high security for guests and C) the technical condition of the home.  

The thing that made this seem so obvious was that Oprah had recently sold a large home near Michigan City and at a point, one of the group that I was touring let slip that the Master Suite was have been so similar to 'her room at Rolling Prairie,' the area that her northern Indiana home was located. Her home in Rolling Prairie had closed at 8.5 million and she clearly had the capacity to afford more.  The tour wandered across the home and many questions were asked about the technical condition of the electronics. 'Has the home's wiring been updated? Does it have cat 5 or better?'  The home was original and did not have cat five and if that were an issue that was going to be on the next owner. They looked crestfallen.  The home was in a legal dogfight and nobody was going to spend tens of thousands to upgrade to a cat 2 let alone a cat 5.  Over the next few weeks I sent all kinds of documents to the 312.  Eventually the activity trailed off and we heard a condo in Chicago and an estate in California next to John Travolta were purchased.  We can't understand why she chose Los Angeles over Carmel. After all, we have the Monon.   greg cooper, east carmel indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033, top selling carmel indiana realtor agent broker, sold homes in east carmel indian