The Housing Bait And Switch

As the days dwindle in 2012 we want to share some thoughts from time to time for those of you who may be selling a home in 2013.  One thing that continues to cost home sellers money is the process of putting a home on the market is over pricing either by choice or by being misled by who represents them.  The most important thing to remember in your housing endeavors in 2013 is that the market is the market. Silly cliche? Not so fast my friend. No amount of wishful thinking, no magic pill and no overly creative Real Estate professional can con the market into believing your home is worth more than it is yet year after year sellers fall prey to listing a home with an agent who insists they have the system to get them to the promised land (otherwise known as fool's gold).  When you choose someone to represent you who gives you the highest priced estimate on what your home is worth, here's what usually happens. 1) Your home doesn't sell; 2) You inevitably get beat up on an offer price by prospective buyers because your home has been on the market so long without selling.  For your own sake, don't list a home just because an agent picks the highest price. The real estate bait and switch is one of the businesses oldest professions and always costs you money!  greg cooper east carmel indiana homes for sale 46033 east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033 top selling carmel indiana realtor agent broker