Now It's Urgent

We're just 25 days away from the filing deadline so now is the time.  If you want to pay higher taxes, that's very generous of you but we're not a big fan of coughing up more cash than we need to. We're talking about the exemptions you are legally allowed to have on your home that lowers your property taxes. A number of jurisdictions are requiring a re - verification from homeowners that they do live in and have a mortgage on their homes, two of the most popular exemptions.  if you don't have them your taxes could go up by as much as 30% and you would be stuck with them for a year and a half because it takes that long to get it corrected.  Here's what you need to do. Go to the Marion County or find your taxing authority's web site. The property tax card tab is usually online for you to view or CALL THEM!  Make certain you have the right exemptions. If you don't find the number to call to get it changed.  It's all about the benjamins friends and you'll have less of them if you don't follow up on this one! east east carmel Indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods, greg cooper, hamilton county Indiana property tax exemptions, indiana property taxes carmel Indiana homes for sale, east car