Prince Howard Rockefeller Hughes Returns

One of the more entertaining stories about the people who we came across while we were selling Indiana's highest profile property was a Jim Morrison look alike who told us over and over he was Howard Hughes' nephew complete with full access to the family fortune. He phone stalked us for weeks and finally showed up at our office in full black trench coat with mysterious object hidden up under his left arm before he retreated down the very busy street in front of our building. In short he was a creep show.  One day about a year and a half later Jim, eh, Howard decided to make a return visit to our Prudential Offices. THIS time the office staff was instructed that if he returned to call 911 immediately. With his penchant for odd behavior we really didn't need any incidents or accidents from Mr. Hughes which certainly seemed on his mind during visit #1.  He walked in and asked for us. Fortunately 911 had been called before he got inside. When he realized what was happening and who was on the way, he exited again but this time didn't get far. IMPD had gotten there right as he was attempting to get into his '78 Barracuda with the bondo and primer paint on the passenger's door. For as kooky, creepy and non sensical as he had been, ultimately he wasn't a threat at all. Mr. Hughes was a person under serious medical care for his personality issues who, oh by the way, also happened to bus tables across the street at the Mongolian Barbecue. Our billionaire was actually just a disturbance in the atmosphere and fortunately not a dangerous one. It was good to have him behind us.  greg cooper search east carmel indiana homes for sale 46033, search east carmel indiana sold homes, neighborhoods, top selling carmel indiana realtor broker agent