How Much Candor Do You Want?

There's a discussion I usually have early on in working with clients. It generally goes something like 'how truthful do you want me to be?'  The immediate response is almost always '100% all the time, tell us everything.'  A fair amount of the time they don't mean it. No they don't. If they fall in love with a home in the first four minutes and I have to tell them the high tension lines behind may be a slight deterrent to resale, they don't want to hear it. They want to hear those lines are no factor now or in the future so they can continue their romance with that little dream home. They don't want to hear about the six lane interstate, the office complex being built next year or the mobile home park that's under consideration for their future view. It's hard for most buyers to accept that their dream home could have a blemish and that blemish is why it seems like a LOT of home for the money. I suppose I'm a bit of a contrast there. Most agents prefer to just smile and be happy that their buyers are headed into home ownership bliss. Having done this for 28 years, I just can't do that. Buyers and sellers need ALL of the information to make the best decision. I've lost people over candor and I'm fine with that. One spouse or the other falls for a home and I was the bad guy who burst the bubble that the package wasn't perfect. Next thing you know they're not returning phone calls. No problem...if you want a rubber stamp they're $20 at Office Max. If you want an advocate who cares what you'll walk away with someday when you sell this investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, I'm your guy. At least then one of us will sleep at night knowing the right thing was done on behalf of those who have a lot to lose.  
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