Who Says It's Easier?

I find it a bit funny. All of the gleeful almost giddy posts by some of my co Realtors. They're sharing the gospel according to SOLD which is that things are selling, all is well and that now annoyingly put is a 'really great time to buy a home.' They're doing that because for some it's an invitation to you to call them and 'so we can get the sign up at your home too!' I'll admit for timing, now has it's advantages - and it's big challenges. With interest rates hovering in the 3's and 4's, the financing aspect of buying is great. That doesn't down play the challenging appraisals that keep rearing their ugly heads, the lack of inventory which makes having a place to move TO problematic and oh by the way when someone pays full price for your home they want EVERY little thing fixed perfectly after the inspection. Is it easier? No. It's just faster with more issues. So why am I so cynical?  My industry swings wildly from chaos to opulence. I want us as a business to tell people the WHOLE truth and sometimes I think it's just 'the market is terrible' or 'what a great time to buy a home' which is a phrase I hate. This market is not for the faint of heart because of the speed at which it's moving. Consumers need ALL of the facts to know if they should jump in. 

These are good problems to have, admittedly. Homes selling at all was a problem two and three years ago and today there's plenty of actual selling. It's the where do you go once you accept a contract, pray the appraisal comes in all right and do we really have to fix all of that stuff from the inspection that's in our faces today. So what am I saying? Know what you're getting yourself into. Know that we're still appraising homes from Jan/Feb comparables in a red hot May market. Know that you need to have multiple choices of a destination because choice A isn't going to last long unless you tie it down. Know that even the most cared for homes can have inspection issues and that having set aside some cash for your home's issues will be important. Above all know that while it is better, it's still NOT easy. 
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