Long Live The Spool....

I'm going to mortify every woman who knew a man in their younger days who had one of these in their first apartment.The 'spool' like the man, actually has potential. Like a bad anecdote out of a Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine, the spool actually has a use. Here's a great example of what taking something useless and discarded and with a bit of refurbishing can be a treasured piece in the right setting. The first image is obviously 'before' this former cable dispenser had a new purpose. The below image is what it looked like after reworking and refinishing. Many people would not want this as a main Dining room fixture but for secondary and tertiary rooms or a game room, this is a great place for the refinished spool. In homes of older, historical design there are no doubt more ways to use this accent but bottom line is there are a lot of ways we can refurbish seemingly useless items into valued pieces in our home that can serve a real purpose. Oh...and by sharing this it gives me some sense that having that spool in my first apartment meant I wasn't completely wrong about it. The spool is dead. Long live the spool. 

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