Spending The Night In Your Future Home

A number of home buyers are going the extra step and actually asking to stay in a home that they are interested in purchasing BEFORE they buy it. HGTV has a new series around this concept called appropriately 'Stay The Night.'  

With permission from the owners, prospective buyers stayed in a condo where later they were confronted by two armed patrol officers who had been alerted to unknown people inside this vacant unit. The couple immediately bought the property being impressed with the neighbors being so aware of what was going on the building. 

Yet another buyer wanted to test the water pressure and was granted permission to actually take a shower in a unit he was considering buying (mine would have to be hazmat treated). The owner relented and ended up selling to this finicky future home owner.

Loud neighbors, overall ambiance and off hours noise are things that cannot always be quantified without a bit of research by a potential buyer. It's not the norm but it is one more way to find that right person to purchase your home. 
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