Housing Numbers Look Great...Sort Of

Resale housing numbers came out today and nationally they're up 2.6% to an expected sales rate of 5.02 million. Whoop de frickin doo. The number of gushing headlines I've seen in the 90 minutes since these numbers came out sound like Hoda and Kathie Lee on 2 for 1 day at a Napa winery. Make no mistake they are fine. They are not a crisis and in fact are somewhat positive but they are HISTORY. They are June numbers and not even local ones at that. People currently in the process of buying or selling a home should totally ignore them. They are not what's going on right now where we are. As for the breathless pundits who are selling this as a great headline for housing...just consider their agenda. They must have one or they wouldn't be selling this as some huge accomplishment. It's fine...but it's already time to move on as there's nothing really to see here.
Greg Cooper Top Selling Indiana Realtor Agent Broker