Here Comes The Corner...Will You Be Ready?


Warren Buffet says it will all be rosey in housing in 2011.  Apparently Mr. Buffet will be personally curing the credit market which is one HOT MESS!

Indy, statewide home resales down in January.

New Home sales numbers are not good.  REALLY not good considering we were expecting a 1% RISE.

10 cities where housing prices will rise in the immediate future. 

Forbe's TOP 10 housing markets in the U.S.A.

Greg's WIBC appearence from 2.23 on Case Schiller housing numbers and more.

Jobless claims up 12% in the LAST TWO WEEKS. 

CNN Money thinks home prices will fall nationally this year.   Just remember it's all local!

Consumer confidence plummets over jobs worries.

Housing prices are up slightly but too many mortgages are underwater!

More and more families are being forced to share homes in this challenging time.

There's still time to get the $6500 home buyer credit but time is short!

Indianapolis International Airport ranks #1 in customer satisfaction across the U.S.A.

10 things you can do RIGHT NOW to increase the value of your home.

For FOUR years running Indianapolis remains the most affordable home market in America.