5 Things Home Sellers Must Do To Help Their Sale!

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This is why home sellers must know that their property's marketing works on a mobile device!

Property tax revolts are growing in many states but not Indiana who's taxes are locked in at 1% of assessed valuation.

Indiana's unemployment held steady in February despite many more out of work in surrounding states.

Could help be on the way for home owners with second mortgages?

National foreclosure rates are slowing but still a significant problem.

Are you selling at a loss?  The government could pay you to do so.

The number of home sale price cuts has dropped nationally.  What's that mean for the overall market?

Tough for most consumers to grasp but Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are a mess and their failure is hurting our housing recovery.

There's still time to get the $6500 home buyer credit but you need to act NOW!

There literally is a stimulus for EVERYTHING.  Cash for appliances is up next.

The most affordable home market in America.

Economist Peter Tongue thinks the national housing picture still has a bumpy ride ahead of it.

If you're getting ready to move, here's a great suggestion to add organization and make things simpler.

Consumer confidence numbers are still very negative.

Greg's February appearance on WIBC, Indianapolis talking all things real estate.

Some homeowners are still opting to walk away from their homes when they see no short term recovery in value.