Out Like A Lion......

Generally we use this analogy for March but for one of the rare times in the last five years it's completely applicable to September.  From pending sales to closings and even showings, September was a red hot month no doubt in part nudged by the extra level of QE3 that our Federal Government has announced.  The overall stats are quite impressive as well.  A third quarter +14.5% change in closed sales for the Indy metro area.  The median sales price went up over 4% from a year ago in the same quarter and the most important but subtle number is the -11.1% change in available inventory.  It's the least talked about statistic but one that bodes well for the next six to nine months in Indy.  With ridiculously low rates and declining inventories, its gong to be a fast paced market it appears through next Spring, barring any unforeseen global issues.  We should all enjoy this....we may not see this particular dynamic around again for some time to come.
Coming Wednesday, 10/3, Installment #2 of Selling The Mansion:  The Players.  
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