Selling Indiana's Highest Profile Property - Mr. Grammy

This is one of a series of posts that documents our experiences in selling one of the highest profile properties in the state of Indiana which closed just over two years ago.....

One of the contacts that came out of hosting the decorator's show house was a real estate developer and supporter of the arts out of central Florida.  He was a sitting member of the Grammies and had vast connections in the entertainment industry which would help support his future plans for the mansion. He had taken this type of property in the sunshine state and converted it into a high end concierge based bed and breakfast, a 'Canyon Ranch' type of establishment if you will. His interest in 1143 W. 116th in Carmel was similar.  Initially he wanted to buy this mansion furnished from the Show House which was impossible. The furniture was all owned buy private individuals who had loaned their personal property for the good of the event. Once we got past that hurdle we had to determine that zoning would not be a problem for that type of business. Mr. Grammy did his diligence and assured us it would not. The time had come to sit Mr. Grammy and Mr. Big down for a contract negotiation. In nearly three hours of talks (which would loosely resemble an executive drubbing by our Mr. Big), an agreement was finally reached and a deal signed. It would require Mr. Grammy to wire us in a large earnest money deposit within 48 hours and then proceed on to closing.  Mr Grammy and Mr. Big shook hands after signing the deal. Mr. Grammy went back to Florida. It was the last time we'd see him because a funny thing happened over the next several weeks. No earnest money was ever wired. No phone calls were ever returned. Literally nothing happened. Mr. Grammy who signed an offer to purchase never did one thing he said he was going to do despite flying his entourage up here and spending countless hours viewing the property and negotiating the deal. Could we chase him legally? Yes but at what cost?  And at what result?  The deal wasn't worth the paper it was written on and was better off in the shredder. Mr Grammy did reappear some time later.....although not in contact with the mansion.  east carmel indiana homes for sale neighborhoods greg cooper, top selling carmel indiana broker agent realtor, hilbert estate